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At Ray and Associates, we provide our clients with the services they need to locate the perfect job candidates.  From recruiting, and background investigations to contract negotiations -- we provide the resources you need to make the right decision.


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At Ray and Associates, we provide our clients with the services they need to locate the perfect job candidates.  From recruiting, and background investigations to contract negotiations -- we provide the resources you need to make the right decision.

Discovery – Board Input and Preparation:

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Formulate Your Plan

One of the best features of working with Ray and Associates, Inc. is that our firm closely customizes each and every search to the criteria and qualifications determined by our clients. In fact, we take extra measures to ensure the proper development of these criteria and qualifications. This includes individual interviews with each member of the Board or selection committee. If constituent input is desired, we have a systematic process that organizes various groups and surveys their expectations for a new leader. In turn, this information is provided to the Board or selection committee in an easy to use format that lends high credibility to the search.


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Find Your Prospective Candidates

The quality and extent of recruiting efforts is an important key to any executive search. Ray and Associates, Inc. maintains a positive working relationship with key individuals at the college and university level along with other national public and private organizations for the purpose of attracting outstanding candidates. Because of our own extensive network of professional associates, our relationship with other search firms, and other contacts, we are able to stay abreast of the performance of many of the best school administrators and non-traditional leaders in the country. These school leaders typically have good jobs and must be recruited.

Background Investigations

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Detailed Information

Ray and Associates, Inc. makes every effort to ensure our clients that the candidates recommended for consideration are exactly who they say they are. Careful screening and background checks are essential to this process. Our firm provides our clients with detailed information on each semi-finalist in addition to all other application materials. This information relies upon many hours of research and investigation. No attempts are made to conceal anything from our clients. In fact, our clients often remark that they are very impressed with how much they actually learn about candidates before ever meeting them.


Contract and Guarantee

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Put the Plan in Motion

We will provide a written agreement between our clients and Ray and Associates, Inc. that will contain the provisions of our proposal and any modifications upon which we mutually agree. Additionally, we provide a satisfaction guarantee with all terms specified in the written agreement.

Additional Services Provided by R&A

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Expert Guidance

Included in the basic fee is our Board/Superintendent Governance Assessment.  The consultants from Ray and Associates, Inc. will spend time with the Board in determining areas of interest for the development of the relationship between the Board, Superintendent, and other administrators. We have found that there is really no better time than very early in the tenure of a new superintendent to address issues and expectations. Our services in this regard include interviewing and providing an assessment of board members. Assessment results are then analyzed and shared with the Board and new Superintendent along with recommendations to consider for a training plan which would be scheduled by mutual agreement.

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Why Hire A Consultant?

Why Your District NEEDS Ray & Associates:

The recruitment and selection of an educational executive leader is one of the most important decisions a board will ever make. Conducting an executive search is a complicated and time-consuming process that demands professional assistance.

The search must be well organized and satisfy all legal and ethical standards. We have a proven record of ensuring an efficient, successful process that results in our clients achieving consensus in their quest for a new educational leader.

Quite often, the best candidate to fill a position is not actively seeking a new challenge. This person must be recruited. Our clients have stated that one of the most important considerations of our firm as their first choice is our extensive network within the profession.

We have the ability nationwide to notify them about an executive vacancy both rapidly and as widely as possible. This, added to our database of pre-screened, potential candidates, makes Ray and Associates, Inc. the right choice. While our services are unmatched in effectiveness and efficiency, our fees are always extremely competitive.

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Non-Traditional/Hybrid Candidates

Does Ray & Associates Include Non-Traditional Candidates?

In recent years, our firm has been asked to recruit non-traditional candidates for some of our client districts.

Reasons often stated for this are as follows:

  • Accountability is a serious issue that calls for someone who can think as a chief executive  with experience in identifying clear objectives and produce satisfactory results within budgetary parameters.

  • Non-traditional leaders are less likely to hire underachievers and more likely to excise personnel who do not produce satisfactory results.

  • Non-traditional leaders have a better working grasp of the application of resources.

  • Non-traditional leaders are more data-driven. Traditional educators are often steeped in pedagogy and fail to embrace change until mandated.

We will recruit non-traditional candidates, if desired, and ensure their viability for the position they are seeking. Our network of nearly fifty (50) associates across the country are notified of each search and the respective criteria of each. In our experience, most of our clients have selected traditional or “hybrid” candidates (hybrids being a combination of corporate or military and educational experience.) We have placed true non-traditional candidates, however, and we are seeing an increase in this demand.

Our recruiting efforts are second to none. We will advertise in productive media venues that are known to attract key professional leaders from business, industry, higher education and military. Plus, we provide continuous follow-up once contacts with individuals have been made to ensure that they follow through in completing the application process.

To be notified of employment opportunities, please fill out the Candidate Registration form found on this Website.


Request A Proposal

Thank you for your consideration of Ray and Associates for your search. If you would like to request a proposal, please click the button below and we will contact you shortly.

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