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Associates at R&A

Our Associates are the backbone of our group.  Our associates have a wide range of experience(s), backgrounds, and geographical variety.  Our associates help work with school districts and our leadership team to find the perfect candidate for a job.  See below to find out what makes our associates at R&A the difference for your search or if you want to join our associate program!

The R&A Associate Difference:

Our associates are the backbone at R&A.  See below for some of the highlights:


Our Highly Trained and Experienced Staff Includes:

  • Active school administrative leaders

  • Business executives

  • School Board members

  • University professors

  • Attorneys

  • A balance of gender and minority representatives


Expertise and Extensive Background in:

  • The school superintendency

  • School board professional development

  • School administration at all levels

  • Private business, higher education, and law


Experienced Speakers at State, Regional, and National Conferences:

Associate Highlights
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Join Our Associates Program

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We appreciate your interest in becoming an associate with our firm.  Please complete the information below and attach a letter of interest and a current resume.  Once you have attached the documents, hit the send button.

Someone from our Corporate Office will be in touch with you within 3-5 business days.

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